About Us.

Design Isn’t Just Our Job, It’s Our Life

We get a lot of questions about our name, but once we explain that our namesake the Bowerbird is known as the designer of the bird world, things start to click. Most birds make nests, but Bowerbirds spend a large portion of their lives weaving elaborate and expansive enclosures, or “bowers”, and their painstaking process is all about detail and functionality. That resonated with us, and our business name was born. At Bowerbird, we don’t build nests, but we share the passion for every detail as our commercial design firm creates innovative spaces for New England businesses to take flight.

The Magic Behind Our Holistic Approach

We’re all about the big picture. We believe that developing a relationship with our clients is of utmost importance, and that begins with understanding their needs, challenges, history, and goals. Every business operates differently, and those intricacies are always at the forefront of our design process, ensuring a result that fits their current needs while preparing them for growth and change. Whether the project is office interior design, or a complete branding design overhaul, our process remains the same. We examine each client and project as a whole, looking beyond the initial design problems to craft environments that positively impact our clients, their staff, and their patrons every day.

Laura Zoulamis

Interior Designer / Partner

Melanie Scamman

Interior Designer / Partner

Judith Bernier

Interior Designer / Drafter

Bowie Gordon

Office Assistant / Greeter


Saco Mill Building #4
120 Main St. Suite 118
Saco Maine 04072

Phone: 207.710.2048